“…if we say to ourselves that the problem of Mass Incarceration is just too big, too daunting for us to do anything about and that we should instead direct our energies to battles that might be more easily won, history will judge us harshly. A human rights nightmare is occurring on our watch.

-Michelle Alexander in The New Jim Crow

The United States of America is currently facing a crisis of its own creation: Mass Incarceration. Every day millions of people face the dark realities of the American penal system, and are being pushed towards the end of their ropes. However, in Fort Worth, Texas many exceptional individuals have worked to overcome Mass Incarceration’s effects in a positive way, and in doing so are whittling away at the very foundation of it.

This website serves as a contribution to the growing discussion of Mass Incarceration, and as a medium to promulgate the message of those that are working against it.

there is a very small percentage of people in existence who are intentionally going to do nothing with their life, looking to be a part of the bad things in life. I think the vast majority of people either don’t have the right opportunity or are the product of a system that percentage-wise affects them- circumstances out of their control- there’s almost always (if you really dug into it) a reason why a kid ends up in a situation that they don’t want to be in. Very, very small amount of people just say ‘I’m going to waste my life away’ 

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